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Miley Gets Naked For Charity


Miley Gets Naked For Charity – Miley Cyrus hasn’t been on speaking terms with pants for a while now, but bless her exhibitionist little heart, she’s found a way to do good while flashing her flesh. The monokini-loving, twerk-happy popster has become the latest big name to pose in the nude for a charity T-shirt campaign from Marc Jacobs and his longtime collaborator, Robert Duffy, which aims to raise awareness about skin cancer and remind people to “protect the skin you’re in.”

Proceeds from the epidermis-protecting initiative are earmarked for New York University’s Skin Cancer Institute and NYU’s Langone Medical Center.

“We gonna save alot of lives,” tweeted Miley as she shared a photo of the T-shirt, on which she poses in the buff save for her carefully covered lady bits. The company responded by thanking her “for getting naked for charity!