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Teaching our kids is so healthy

Teaching our …

As a parent, one of our main priorities should be to make sure that our kids are developing healthy eating habits. It used to be that there were not a lot of overweight kids, but unfortunately that has changed and now we see overweight kids wherever we go. The main reason behind this is that today’s kids

are not getting the proper amount of exercise that they need to stay healthy. Instead of playing outside, they are shut away in their rooms playing video games and watching television. They have also made convenience foods part of their routine diets, instead of eating more healthy home cooked meals. It has become much more difficult to establish healthy eating habits for our children.

Our main job as parents is to make sure that we work our hardest to keep our kids healthy. The problem is that nowadays, there are more unhealthy food options available to our kids then ever before and this makes it really difficult to stay on track. We have to do everything within our power to keep them eating healthy and make sure that they get enough exercise. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this.

Make sure that you choose and provide them with healthy snack options such as fresh fruits and vegetables instead of offering them chips or candies. You might ask, “How do I do this?” Well, the answer is simple, do not buy unhealthy snacks! If they are hungry enough, they will eat the healthy snack.

Try to start cooking healthy meals at home. I realize that this may be a hard task to do every night especially when both parents work and have had long hard days, but do your best. It is alright to have things such as pizza occasionally, but do not make them a routine part of your kids diet. If you do have pizza, make a fresh salad to go with it and provide a healthy dessert at the end of the meal. Try to avoid fast food restaurants as they have a lot of salty greasy food which is not good or healthy for your kids body. If you do choose to eat out, pick a place that offers healthy menu items.

Limit your kids’ playing time on video games and watching television. Help and encourage them to participate in sports activities and get more exercise. On Christmas and their birthdays, try to buy them sports oriented gifts such as balls, gloves, bicycles that will get them more involved in sports and physical activities.

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