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The Three Most Important Things You Can Do Between Visits to the Dentist

The Three …

At California Dental Group, we believe that it is crucial for our patients to comprehend that going to the dentist twice a year for a comprehensive cleaning and dental exam is the best thing they can do for their oral health. You have other options besides that, though. There are additional actions you may take in between appointments to maintain the best dental health possible. After learning the three most crucial steps, call us at (800) 407-0161 if you need to schedule an appointment.

Regularly and properly brush your teeth

Most individuals have been encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day since they were little. This is crucial, but if you’re not brushing properly, just brushing might not be enough. Make sure you brush for two minutes or more. If you do not brush for a sufficient amount of time, consider setting a timer and making it a game. A unique toothbrush with a built-in speaker that plays a tune for two minutes is also available. You can stop brushing when the song is over.

In addition to brushing for the recommended period of time, brush in circles rather than up and down. Although many individuals believe that brushing more forcefully equals deeper cleaning, the fact is that too much pressure can actually damage your gums. For optimal results, use moderate pressure while using a medium or soft toothbrush.

Floss daily

Everyone you know would likely say they wish they flossed more frequently if you conducted a survey of everyone you know. One of the primary problems is that most individuals don’t include it into their daily routine. For instance, they clean their teeth when they get up, while they are getting ready for the day, and when they are getting ready for bed. As a result of how deeply ingrained they are into their habit, they occur practically unconsciously. Make it a point to floss once a day at the same time for a month to formally establish a habit that will be simpler to maintain.

Regular flossing will prevent plaque from accumulating between your teeth and on your gums. This may irritate you and eventually result in tartar. Only a dentist can remove tartar when it has accumulated.

Improve your diet

Simply put, what you consume affects the condition of your teeth. If you consume meals that are heavy in sugar, you are providing the oral bacteria with an abundant diet. You run the danger of wearing away your teeth’s enamel if you consume meals high in acid. Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating anything that can cause harm to your teeth. As a result, hazardous compounds that you do not want to brush into your teeth can be washed away by saliva.

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