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Creative Ways to Use Vintage Crocks

Creative Ways …

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Need ideas for how to use your crocks in your home? In this post, I am sharing Creative Ways to Use Vintage Crocks!

Do you have an obsession with collecting stoneware crocks as I do? These Creative Ways to Use Vintage Crocks are wonderful for home decor and great for organizing your home.


Perfect for holding cooking utensils

I found four of the same-sized antique crocks for $5 each at a thrift store in my hometown. They were the perfect size for kitchen utensils.


I have a bit of an obsession with antique stoneware crocks!

It doesn’t matter if I am at a yardsale or thrift store; if I see a crock, I grab it! I have them displayed everywhere in my home, with many purposes in each space! 


Where can you find old crocks?

One of the first things I check is a thrift shop! I have luck finding many of my crocks that were thrifted, and they may be cheaper too!

  • Flea Markets
  • Online Auction Sites
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Yard Sales
  • Antique Stores
  • Estate Sales

Are vintage crocks valuable?

An antique crock’s selling prices depend on whether the crock has the iconic cobalt blue design, and the value can range from anywhere from $500 to $400.000.


How do I know if my crock is antique?

Antique crocks such as west troy pottery feature simple, freehand-painted decorations, usually executed in cobalt blue ink; stenciled or hand-drawn letters and numbers appear on most old crocks. Also, an antique crock typically has a thick structural wall, often with a telltale bow in the center.

How much do crocks cost?

Many of my crocks were purchased for $5 each many years ago, but the most I have ever spent was $60 for an old crock.

Nowadays, you will also find newer crocks made today that vary in price depending on the size.

How do you clean antique crocks?

All it takes is warm water & mild soap, but never use abrasive cleaners or sponges to clean your stoneware crocks.

What are antique crocks made?

Crocks are made of stoneware because they were used in American kitchens in the 18th century, and they were to store foods such as salted meats, butter & pickled vegetables before the advent of refrigeration.

What does the number on a crock mean?

You might see other vintage crock numbers on your stoneware. A single number painted, stamped, or impressed on the crock indicates its size. Example: A two would mean 2 gallons or 2 quarts.

Where are Stoneware crocks from?

Stoneware crocks pioneered throughout the United States of America were New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania; then, in the late 1800s, New England and Ohio made stoneware crocks.


Whether you love traditional or farmhouse style, using an old stoneware crock in your home can be a fun way to give visual interest. Whatever it may be, a vintage crock would be a perfect addition to your home.

Here are some Creative Ways to Use Vintage Crocks

  1. On the Front Porch ~ A tall crock on the front porch is a great way to display large plants.
  2. In the Kitchen A gallon crock is the perfect size to store cooking utensils by the stove.
  3. Candle holders ~ Small crocks are a perfect size.
  4. Dog Toy Storage ~A huge crock is perfect for your fur baby’s collection of toys.
  5. Use as a planter ~ Turn your crock into a plant pot.
  6. Create a vignette ~ Displaying different sizes of crocks under a table is a great place to show off your collection.
  7. Display your Rolling Pin collection ~ Use a large crock to keep your collection together.
  8. Great for little ones’ shoes ~ Keep the largest crock you have in the living room by the front door for shoes.
  9. Art & Craft Supplies ~ Have a variety of small crocks to store all your paint brushes, markers, pencils &, etc.
  10. Laundry room Supplies ~ Crocks are perfect for storing wool balls, laundry pods, scrub brushes, etc. are a perfect way to keep a small space organized.
  11. Table display ~ Create flower arrangements using a crock and use it as a centerpiece on your coffee table, side table, or dining room table.
  12. Make it into a flower pot ~ Crocks make lovely flower pots. Add some rocks for drainage, or use one of the plastic containers that plants are bought in from the nursery and plant your seasonal flowers.

There are many different ways to use crocks of many sizes in your home. The Creative ways to use vintage crocks in your home are endless. You may find some inspiration with Pinterest boards to give you some great ideas.

Tip: Be sure that when purchasing crocks, it is in good condition for the price. Ex: free of chips & cracks.

What stoneware am I looking for now?

Additionally, I have been on the hunt for a long time for old red wing stoneware and small stoneware crock to add to my collection. And, I will find them with a little bit more patience.

I have a new collection started, no surprise!

There is something about stoneware crocks with a lid that I admire whenever I see them in an antique shop, but there is something about them that I am drawn to, like my obsession with mason jars. I only have two in my collection, and I use them for intentional use.

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