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Top 100 Best Bright Tattoos For Women – Colorful Design Ideas

Top 100 …

This opens up the floodgates of creativity and allows you to come up with some truly wild ideas.

How about a bright purple panda?

A neon fuchsia floral pattern? Or a glaring green gemstone? The possibilities are endless!

One thing to remember though is that there is an art to using bright colors effectively. If done haphazardly, the results could be garish at best and nauseating at worst. The good news is that skilled tattoo artists can help you put together your bright tattoo ideas in a way that creates something visually stunning without being too overbearing. This way you can have a tattoo you’ll be proud to show off!

Keep in mind that how you do your bright tattoo also depends on your skin tone. This can have an impact on which colors you should use and how bright they should be. It can also determine which color combinations will stand out the most.

Speaking of which, having a general idea of what color combinations go together is a good idea too. Sure, you can create true chaos that looks like a finger painting made by a 2-year-old on crack but at least having some idea of which colors complement each other is always a smart move to make.


Looking to give your design a magical vibe? Harness the power of bright, bold colors. Here’s an awesome women’s leg tattoo that features a funky color theme throughout the design. You’ll find tie-dye mushrooms, a vivid yellow and orange moon, plus deep purple and teal gradient crystals. At the heart of it all a happy light green spotted frog rests ever so peacefully. Super cute and girly, this leg tattoo gives off fun vibes and has a mystical feel to it. The glitter dots certainly help, but the bright colors are the key to turning an ordinary design into a spectacular piece of body art.

Adorable Tattoo Inspiration For Women

Check out this old school traditional rose flower and heart combo tattoo with a modern style. This women’s foot tattoo features a vividly colored bright red rose flower alongside a yellow and orange colored heart. While the majority of this design features bold colors, note the solid black and grey petals which offer exceptional contrast. The result is a flower and heart that really pops.

Alluring Ladies Bright Tattoo Ideas

You can easily bring any book design to life through the art of bright colors and a watercolor background. Here’s a fun take on the adventurous experience of reading that really gives off a lifelike impression. I love the rainbow watercolor effect in the background. The simple black ink sketched books keep this design from being too over the top while emphasizing the vibrant background.

Amazing Bright Tattoo Ideas For Women

Express the beauty and uplifting nature of sound and music through the use of bright colors. Here’s a brilliant example featuring a kokopelli design, cactus, and desert sun glowing in the background. The kokopelli features a gradient effect going from dark purple to baby blue and finally white. The sunset in the background has a deep red hue and a stunning yellow and orange transition. For a little fun and a touch of southwestern vibes, there’s a bold green cactus on the right. If you’re trying to capture the energy of music, dance or any other feel good moment, consider using bright colors to silently express your emotions.

Appealing Womens Bright Tattoos

Wow, now, this is a commanding flower tattoo! Placed on the arm, this female tattoo features stunning petals and a 3D effect without being overly realistic in style. An incredible orange, teal and soft green color combination gives off plenty of contrast and makes this design pop off the skin like crazy. This tattoo has some major cool factor points going for it.

Art Bright Tattoo Designs For Girls

Get a bit girly with this cute potion bottle tattoo. I love the bright teal color which is used to give the impression of a glass vial, plus the deep mysterious purple color of the liquid inside. The glitter dots across the top of the liquid give off a magical feel and make me wonder what kind of potion is truly inside. Brightly colored stars and pink flowers give this design plenty of charm, while golden caps on the top and bottom of the bottle make this otherwise simple traditional tattoo a more ornate appearance. While not super bright, such as a neon-colored design, I find these glowing colors to be very playful.

Artistic Bright Tattoo On Woman

I love how the artist has managed to capture the bitter taste of lime so perfectly thanks to the use of bright green and yellow colors. Beyond the tongue puckering sensation that’s expressed so well, I like the addition of lime juice droplets, brown grainy seeds, and the very glittery skin of the top lime.

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